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■Play on Planet created by other players

 View planet top ranking, players rating, and new planets to see which ones you like.

 This is how to play. It’s easy.

 Control your main character (The Talk) to move on the field by using your mouse.
 The character is able to leap into other fields through warp zone.

 To chat with characters of other planets, get close to them and click.

 When the character gets into a toxic geography or get attacked by enemies, medicine bottles will help power recovery. To do this, click space key.

 Press Z key when you see suspicious land surface. You might find something.

 For other operations, find and check the game operational description on the bottom of the screen.

■Rate and review other planets

 “Oh my god! This story is terrific.”

 “Hmm… it’s not bad.”

 If you might have those kinds of comments, rate them!

 Rating score is from 1 to 5.

 Highly rated planet is going to be shown in the planet ranking.

 You can even add your single line comment to your score. Enjoy exchanging comments with other players!

■If you find an inappropriate planet

 If you see any planets or teams that are obviously offend public order and morals, don’t hesitate to report to the Planet Management.
 We, under a fair judgment, alert the reported user. Extreme offense might lead to an ID displacement of the user.

■Let’s make your own planet

 After you play on others’ planets, if you want to create your own, let’s get yours started. Log in, and click “Create new planet”!

 Using Editor is so simple. You basically use your mouse to place a map, color geographies, and putting your characters and buildings.

 Click on a character and you can type a script.

 Now you know the basic operation.

 As you go, you might want to make your planet more elaborate, take full advantage of useful items such as a key and a door, also drawing up your scenario and setting up your enemies and more. Play it like a RPG!

 The more commands you master, the more exciting your planet gets!

■Let’s post it on your blog

 You can show your planet to the public on your blog. Let’s entertain your friends! It is also fun to introduce your favorite planets to others.

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